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22 Feb 2017 11:54 AM | Gretchen Neidhardt

In an ongoing series during CAA Steering Committee Election time, we hear from Steering Committee member George Kutsunis, current RAAC liaison.

One of the advantages of serving on the Steering Committee is getting the opportunity to represent Chicago and the CAA in the profession. As the liaison to Regional Archival Associations Consortium (RAAC) I have the opportunity to speak and advocate for the needs and interests of Chicago archivists directly in a group that has significantly more reach than the CAA.

Working with representatives from other organizations is a unique opportunity to collaborate with archivists from around the country, as well as see the common challenges these regional organizations have, and take the best solutions back to CAA. RAAC exists to support local archival organizations like CAA and also seeks to leverage our combined experiences into advocacy education.

Working on the Steering Committee has changed the way I think about our profession, and representing CAA at RAAC changes the way you think about professional cooperation.

If you want to advocate for archivists, for professional standards, and for better professional development, though, you don't have to look towards the national level. Start right here with CAA and the Steering Committee.

Photograph Courtesy of American Medical Association Archives

The deadline for volunteering for the Steering Committee is Thursday, March 16. Feel free to contact George or other Steering Committee Members with questions.

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