• 27 Jan 2014 11:00 AM | Anonymous member

    SAA Diversity Committee is seeking case studies that illustrate diversity in the archival record and/or unique efforts to collect and document a variety of individuals, groups, and organizations.

    Archivists, cultural heritage communities, and other information professionals are encouraged to submit projects and collections that illustrate:

    • The broadest possible range of individuals, socio-economic groups, governance, and corporate entities in society;
    • Diversity of viewpoints on social, political, and intellectual issues, as represented both in archival records and among members of the profession;
    • Diversity in ethnicity, gender, or sexual orientation;
    • Groups and segments of communities that have not been well-documented for a variety of reasons and thus have few extant records;
    • A variety of formats (for the previously mentioned groups) that are not being preserved.
    Submissions will be vetted and posted on the Diversity Committee’s website as a resource intended to advance many of the goals outlined in SAA’s Strategic Plan.

    Examples of diverse projects and collections include The Mujeres Latinas Project at the University of Iowa and The Milwaukee Transgender Oral History Project.

    Read the more about the project and find the submission form here.

  • 27 Jan 2014 10:21 AM | Anonymous member

    Three seats on the Steering Committee for the 2014-2016 term are open beginning March 2014. Candidates will be elected by a vote of CAA members cast electronically. Election results will be announced at the Members Meeting on March 20, 2014.

    Service on the Steering Committee is open to all CAA members in good standing. All members with an interest in the profession – students, retirees, professionals and paraprofessionals in all types of archival repositories – are encouraged to volunteer.

    Qualifications include enthusiasm, initiative, and a commitment to the profession.

    The Steering Committee meets monthly to:

    • Establish programmatic goals for the organization
    • Circulate information to and respond to the needs of CAA members
    • Represent CAA within the larger profession and to the general public
    • Set standards to ensure the sustainability of CAA

    To volunteer, submit a brief (1-2 paragraphs) Statement of Interest outlining your background and motivation for serving on the Steering Committee to Please include your full name, title, place of work (if applicable), and preferred contact phone and email address. Statements of interest will be distributed to CAA members.

    The deadline to submit your Statement is Monday, February 10, 2014 at 5:00pm.

    Contact information for current Steering Committee Members is available on the CAA Website if you would like to reach out to ask specific questions about service on this committee. 

    Please send questions or comments to

  • 14 Jan 2014 10:20 PM | Audra V. Adomenas
    The minutes from the November 12 CAA Steering Committee Meeting have been approved and are available to view online here.
  • 11 Jan 2014 11:04 AM | Anonymous member

    The application period for the SAA 2014 Harold T. Pinkett Minority Student Award is now open.

    The Pinkett Award was established in 1993 and recognizes and acknowledges minority graduate students, such as those of African, Asian, Latino or Native American descent, who, through scholastic and personal achievement, manifest an interest in becoming professional archivists and active members of the Society of American Archivists.

    The recipients of the award will receive full complimentary registration to the SAA Annual Meeting and related expenses for hotel and travel for attending the Joint Annual Meeting of CoSA, NAGARA, and SAA in Washington, D.C. in August 2014. In addition, each recipient receives a complimentary one-year membership in SAA.

    The Pinkett is awarded to minority students, with preference given to full-time students possessing a minimum scholastic grade point average of 3.5 while enrolled in a graduate program focusing on archival management during the academic year proceeding the date on which the award is given.

    The application deadline is 28 February 2014.

    Additional details and application forms are available at

    Did you know...? The award is named in honor of archival pioneer Harold T. Pinkett, the first African American to be appointed an archivist at the National Archives, where he served for more than 35 years as a specialist in agricultural archives, senior records appraiser, and chief archivist of the Natural Resources Records Branch.

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    Kim Efird, Records Archivist at Illinois Secretary of State, is retiring 31 December 2013. Happy retirement Kim!

    Don't be shy...If you’ve earned a degree, presented at a conference, published an article, started a new job, or completed another professional achievement, let us know and we’ll include it in next month’s Member News. Submit your information to; subject line Member News.
  • 08 Dec 2013 3:55 PM | Anonymous member
    The Events subcommittee thanks all who attended the 2013 Holiday Party on 3 December at Exchequer Restaurant. Almost 60 attendees enjoyed wonderful company, games, prizes and food. We were very pleased with the turn-out and hope that you enjoyed yourselves as much as we did. We wish you all a festive and restful Holiday Season.

    Again, thank you to those that were able to attend and we missed those of you that could not!

    If you missed this event, don’t worry--there will be more events throughout the year at a variety of dates, times, and locations.

    Coming soon:
    • Tour of the Frances Willard House in Evanston
    • Rescheduled "Faith in the Struggle" exhibit tour at Woodson Regional Library
    • Archives Salon

    Details will be announced on the CAA website and in the member eblast.

    Have an idea for a CAA event? Contact the Events subcommittee at with your suggestions.
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    Chicago Area Archivists (CAA) is holding a contest to find a logo. Started in 1982, CAA is a volunteer‐run organization that provides opportunities for local archivists, historians, librarians, and others in the Chicago area to meet for discussion, social interaction, and education. Our membership includes archivists, librarians, and records managers in academic, corporate, governmental, institutional, library, and museum settings.


    Individuals in the United States who are age 18 and over are eligible to enter. No corporate submissions, please.

    Entries per person
    Individuals may submit up to three entries; however, please do not submit close variants of a single logo as separate entries.

    Entries must be received via email by 4:00 PM CST on Monday, 30 December 2013.

    $100 American Express or Visa gift card

    Design guidelines
    We encourage, but do not require, logos that incorporate one or more of the following:
    • The text “Chicago Area Archivists” (without quotes)
    • The text “CAA” (without quotes)
    • Elements that reflect the archival profession
    • Elements that reflect the Chicago area

    We will use the logo, and/or elements of it, in various products and media. This may include, and is not limited to:
    • website
    • social media
    • letterhead
    • pins/buttons and other promotional items

    The logo may be used at several different sizes, and in grayscale as well as in color. Therefore we require a logo that would look good both online and in print, be recognizable at large and small sizes, and look good in black and white as well as in color.

    Generally minimize your use of photographic elements unless they are sufficiently simple and graphic to meet the criteria above.

    No copyrighted works or trademarks may be included in your design.

    Submission guidelines
    1. Email entries to by the submission deadline.
    2. Use the subject line: Logo Contest Submission.
    3. While you may submit multiple entries, please limit your entries to one per email message.
    4. Include your name, email address, and phone number in the body of each email.
    5. Attach two versions of your logo submission as either JPG or uncompressed TIF files saved at the maximum quality level (10 or 12):
    a. one large master file with your logo, saved as to be 1600 pixels in its maximum dimension (e.g. 1600x200 or 1200x1600 pixels). If your logo uses color, this file should be in full color.
    b. one smaller grayscale version of your logo, saved at 300 pixels on your logo’s maximum dimension (e.g. 250x300 or 300x115 pixels). If your logo does not use color, you still need to submit this smaller version of your logo in addition to the master file.

    The winning designer grants CAA ownership and unlimited use of the winning logo, and elements thereof, in perpetuity. CAA will name the logo designer when announcing the new logo. No payment or other obligation is due to the winning designer other than the acknowledgement and one‐time prize described here.

    By submitting your design you agree to the terms of the contest.

    Submissions will be reviewed by the CAA Outreach subcommittee, who will select a winner and notify the CAA Steering committee of its decision.

    An individual will not be eligible to judge submissions if he or she, or an immediate family member, submits an entry in this contest. If there are not a minimum of three eligible judges from the Outreach subcommittee at the time of the submission deadline, one or more eligible members of the 2013‐14 Steering committee will serve as judges to create a panel of three judges.

    We aim to select a winner prior to CAA’s annual spring meeting (tentatively scheduled for March 2014). The winning designer will be notified between 5 February and 5 March 2014. The winning designer may be notified before the results are announced to membership and the public in spring 2014. The winning designer agrees to keep this information confidential until the spring 2014 announcement date selected by CAA. Designers of non‐winning entries should not expect to be notified of contest results before 5 March 2014.

    We reserve the right to not select a winner if we feel there are no suitable submissions.

    Entries that fail to meet contest guidelines will be disqualified and excluded from consideration.


    Originally posted 23 October, 4:40 PM. Reposted, without edits, on 17 November. 

  • 17 Nov 2013 7:18 PM | Anonymous member

    Benn Joseph, Manuscripts Librarian at Northwestern University and proud CAA member, was one of fourteen archivists who passed the SAA's first Digital Archives Specialist (DAS) test this past summer. See the full article about the certificate and the list of those who passed the test at: Congrats on your DAS Certificate, Benn!

    Don't be shy...If you’ve earned a degree, presented at a conference, published an article, started a new job, or completed another professional achievement, let us know and we’ll include it in next month’s Member News. Submit your information to; subject line Member News.
    Does your institution have news to share? You can send announcements about exhibits, brag about newly acquired materials, advertise a collection is now available for research, and more. Submit your institution's news to; subject line News.

  • 12 Nov 2013 9:19 PM | Audra V. Adomenas
    The minutes from the October 15 CAA Steering Committee Meeting have been approved and are available to view online here.
  • 25 Oct 2013 4:28 PM | Anonymous member

    In June 1913, Illinois granted women the right to vote. The centennial of this watershed moment inspired us to look at Chicago-area collections that provide insight into the suffrage movement and other aspects of women’s history. During National Archives Month (October), we are featuring posts by guest authors who are familiar with some of these collections. Repository information is at the end of each story.

    Janet Olson introduces the wealth of material held at the Frances Willard House and Museum in the final post of our series. Olson is the Assistant University Archivist at Northwestern University and the volunteer Archivist for the Frances E. Willard Memorial Library and Archives.

    The WCTU and Woman Suffrage: A Right or a Duty?
    Janet Olson

    From the 1880s until the passage of the 19th amendment, the Woman’s Christian Temperance Union (WCTU) played a significant role in the campaign for women’s right to vote. Woman suffrage had not been part of the organization’s original mission, however. WCTU members -- mostly middle-class women -- were generally either opposed to, or non-committal about, becoming involved in the “unwomanly” sphere of politics. But when Frances Willard -- who had always believed that women should be able to vote -- became the second president of the WCTU in 1879, things changed. Willard coined the phrase “Home Protection” to convince women that voting was not just a right -- it was a duty, in keeping with their traditional responsibilities for protecting home and family. Women’s votes could keep saloons from opening in their towns, and liquor from being sold to their husbands and children. In 1881, the WCTU officially added the endorsement of woman suffrage to its mission. After Willard’s death in 1898, the national suffrage organizations distanced themselves from the WCTU, concerned that the connection with temperance was counterproductive, but the WCTU continued to promote suffrage as key to the success of its own mission: the prohibition of alcohol.

    The complex, and often overlooked, story of the WCTU’s involvement with suffrage -- from conflict to conviction, from partnering with the major women’s rights groups to mounting its own campaign -- is thoroughly documented, at the state, national, and international levels, in the Frances Willard Memorial Library & Archives. Significant resources include annual meeting minutes, reports of the Franchise Department, editorials and articles in the weekly Union Signal newspaper, pamphlets and publications, biographical information, and Home Protection materials. Notable correspondence includes a letter from Susan B. Anthony congratulating Willard on speaking out for the suffrage cause.

    LEFT: Willard with a petition, circa 1880s. RIGHT: Home protection manual, 1879. All images courtesy of the Frances Willard Memorial Library & Archives, Evanston, Illinois.

    Frances Willard Memorial Library & Archives
    The Frances Willard Historical Association
    1730 Chicago Avenue
    Evanston, Illinois 60201

    Library and archives are open by appointment only

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