Book and Paper Exhibit Tour at Columbia College

04 Oct 2019 3:01 PM | Jerice Barrios

On October 3, 2019, six CAA members joined Columbia College Associate Professor Melissa Potter at the Glass Curtain Gallery for a fascinating, personalized tour of the exhibit "Let's Do It: Twenty-Three Years of Book and Paper."

A few of the beautiful pieces of book and paper art on display at Columbia College's Glass Curtain Gallery. 

Professor Potter, herself a specialist in hand paper making and print making, explained the history of how the exhibit came together and shared anecdotes about some of the pieces in the gallery. You can learn more about the exhibit at the "Let's Do It" web page, and there is still time to see it for yourself; the exhibit is open until October 23.

Associate Professor Melissa Potter and CAA members examine a case containing items from the Columbia College Center for Book and Paper Arts archives.

Professor Potter also talked about how important the archives of the Columbia College Center for Book and Paper Arts was in shaping the exhibit, and how she envisions the collections in the archives as a research resource for future students and artists.

An exhibit case containing materials from the archives

The curator of the exhibit, Jessica Cochran, considered the inclusion of archival materials vital to illustrating the full breadth of the history of the Center of Book and Paper Arts.

Thank you to all who attended this event, and special thanks to Professor Melissa Potter for a wonderful hour of art and education!

If you missed out on this event, don't worry, there are other events planned throughout the year. If you have an event or program you'd like to suggest, please send it to If you attend a CAA event and have photos to share, please consider uploading them to the CAA Image folder on Google Drive.

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