Make your mark by serving on the Steering Committee

07 Mar 2018 9:32 AM | Anonymous

In an ongoing series during CAA Steering Committee election time, we hear from Jennifer Ho, current Vice Chair.

One of the most rewarding things about being on the Steering Committee is that you have the support, resources and power to make a project your own. It’s not the only way to make a change, but it definitely gives you an advantage!  You will have a supportive network who will discuss with you the pros and cons, potential outcomes and possible alternatives to your ideas.

My best personal example of this is the new subcommittee restructuring. Thanks to my seat on Steering, I was able to take action in response to rumblings from within CAA that it would be run more efficiently with a different structure.

My time on the Steering committee gave me the background knowledge and context, as well as built-in communication with internal leadership, to lead meetings, gather ideas and create infrastructure so that CAA could be reorganized to meet its members' evolving needs.

If you have ideas for how CAA can be improved, you will experience these benefits as well. I encourage you to run for the Steering Committee and make your mark on the archives community!

The deadline for submissions is Wednesday, March 21. Feel free to contact Jennifer or other Steering Committee members with questions.

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