Early-career archivist? Consider running for Steering

02 Mar 2017 11:26 AM | Gretchen Neidhardt

In an ongoing series during CAA Steering Committee Election time, we hear from Amber Dushman, current Chair.

I was just about a year into my first archives job, and finishing my MLIS, when a serious case of imposter syndrome hit me. Compounded with being a lone arranger I was in need of colleagues who I could not only share ideas with, but I needed a team I could learn from and work with. Thanks to the encouragement from a “retiring” Steering Committee member, I threw my hat into the running.

CAA has afforded me invaluable leadership opportunities and learning experiences I wouldn’t have otherwise had. Those opportunities have introduced me to the work of many archival professionals and shown me their contributions to CAA: how they steady the course of the organization, but also how they infuse it with fresh programming by taking risks. These two things can be done by welcoming those new to the profession into CAA leadership.

So, if you’re a new archivist, let me be your “retiring” Steering Committee member, and say "please consider running."

The deadline for volunteering for the Steering Committee is Thursday, March 16. Feel free to contact Amber or other Steering Committee Members with questions.

Photograph Courtesy of American Medical Association Archives

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