New to Chicago? Don’t let stop you from Volunteering for the Steering Committee

14 Mar 2016 9:06 AM | Anonymous

In an ongoing series during CAA Steering Committee Election time, we hear from another Steering Committee member, George Kutsunis, current Vice Chair.

When I joined the Steering Committee in 2014, I had lived in the Chicago area for all of 4 months and I had only been out of school and in the archival profession less than three years. Considering that, I would not have even considered putting my name in for the committee if I hadn’t been prodded by another archivist. What could I possibly contribute? I barely knew much about the profession or the area myself.

“You should do this. You would be good at it.”

What I learned very quickly on Steering is that the CAA is here to serve all of its members, including those who are new in town and new to the profession or not even out of school yet. In some ways these members have the most to gain from the CAA. Likewise the Steering Committee only benefits from having voices from all over the profession. Who can better advocate for the needs of recent graduates than a recent graduate? Or recognize the importance of networking opportunities than someone who doesn’t yet have a network of their own?

So let me take the opportunity to prod all the out-of-towners, recent grads and students, and even those who have had to take a job out of the profession: you should join Steering, your voice would be good for us

If you’re new to Chicago or the profession, don’t let that discourage from joining Steering, please consider joining the Steering Committee. Deadline for submissions is Wednesday, March 16.

Feel free to contact George or other Steering Committee Members with questions.

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