Dig Out Your Old 16 mm Vacation Film for Home Movie Day

09 Oct 2013 4:04 PM | Anonymous

Go down to the basement and dig out your Super 8 memories of that interminable trip to Idaho or that embarrassing 16mm footage of your mother's rockin' bat mitzvah and bring them to the Chicago History Museum on Saturday, 19 October for Home Movie Day. Jointly presented for the third year in a row by Chicago Film Archives and the Northwest Chicago Film Society, Home Movie Day offers Chicagoans the opportunity to gather together and share their celluloid histories.


All Chicagoans are encouraged to attend and participate in Home Movie Day. This year's edition will highlight Bronzeville and Ravenswood Manor. Unique home movies will resurrect the rich history of Bronzeville's storied performance hall, The Forum, and offer glimpses of surprisingly dangerous boyhood diversions along the Chicago River, circa 1970. And keep an eye out for home movies of Olympic medalist Ralph Metcalfe.


You bring the films, and event organizers will inspect them, project them, and offer tips on storage, preservation, and video transfer--all free of charge. And best of all, you get to watch them with an enthusiastic audience, equally hungry for local history. If you don’t have a film to bring, you're welcome to stop by and just watch other people's home movies. And if you're a walking encyclopedia of forgotten Chicago landmarks, eateries, and parades, your commentary will be much appreciated!


Event Info

Where: Chicago History Museum, 1601 N. Clark Street, Chicago IL

When: Saturday, 19 October, 11:00 AM – 3:00 PM

Admission: Free

More information is available at http://www.chicagofilmarchives.org/current-events/chicago-home-movie-day-2013.


Q: What film formats can I bring to Home Movie Day?

A: 16mm, 8mm, and Super 8 can be inspected and projected. Other formats (28mm, 9.5mm, etc.) can’t be projected but people will be available to help you find a safe, cost-effective way to view these prints.


Q: How many home movies can I bring?
A: Bring as many films as you'd like, but only one reel from each participant will be screened until everyone has had a chance to see their home movies. After that, second helpings are totally fine--especially in Kodachrome.


Q: Will I get my home movies back?
A: Yes. Event organizers just inspect and project your home movies and return them to you in comparable condition. Broken perforations or cracked frames may even be fixed! Keep in mind that decades-old films are fragile and there's an inherent (though slight) risk of damage during any projection. If organizers feel that a film cannot be safely projected, they will not screen it.


Q: Can I donate my home movies to the Chicago Film Archives?
A: The Chicago Film Archives would be happy to discuss options for donating your old, unwanted home movies to its ever-growing collection.

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